Bioceramic 3D print company Cerhum developed an innovative way to repair people


In November 2018 the second edition of 3D fab+print at MEDICA / COMPAMED will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany. After a very successful half-day Seminar in November of last year, this year 3D printing for medical applications will be addressed in a full-day Conference on Monday, November 12.

On this day eight speakers – all professionals in the field of Medical Additive Manufacturing – will provide first-hand knowledge and insight for incorporating AM (or more popularly referred to as ‘3D printing’) in the clinical practice. The presentations tie in with the specific information need of medical professionals and are interesting for both newcomers to Additive Manufacturing and professionals who have already gained an insight in 3D printing.

About Grégory Nolens

Grégory Nolens, both founder and CEO of Cerhum is specialized in advanced manufacturing and medical devices. Grégory has a solid background in product development for novel applications using innovative processes. In addition to his PhD in Biomedical sciences, Grégory developed expertise in advanced manufacturing, management, and medical regulatory affairs. He is also external lecturer at the University of Namur, teaching students about the innovation in and realities of the medical industry.


One of the presenters on November 12 will be Mr Grégory Nolens from Cerhum, a Belgian company that is specialized in bioceramic 3D printing and recently developed cranio-maxillo-facial patient specific implants together with 3D-side.

About Cerhum

Cerhum was created in 2015 by Grégory Nolens (PhD) and as a spin-out from Sirris the company has over 10 years’ experience in ceramic additive manufacturing. Cerhum provides both parts and developmental assistance for different medical applications and is located within the Materials Engineering Center of Wallonia – close to both the university and the hospital – in Liège, Belgium.

Cerhum helps companies from the design phase and onwards, advises in choosing the best material for a specific application, and produces both small and large quantities of prints. Their expertise covers Medical and biotechnologies producing parts under ISO 13485-2016. Cerhum is also active in 3D printing for various other areas, including electronics, aerospace, and luxury goods.

Repairing people

Recently, Cerhum has developed an innovative way of healing people by means of 3D printing bone tissue. In collaboration with 3D-Side, these companies are proposing patient specific implants for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. These implants combine bioresorbable materials with a smart way of fitting bone defect.

In his presentation ‘Repairing people using innovative bioceramics’ Grégory will address when and why 3D printing bone is a good idea, get into more detail regarding the composition of printed bone material, and take the audience on a journey toward contemplating about what will be next?

For tickets, please visit the MEDICA Ticket Shop of Messe Düsseldorf.