Canada Makes states Whitfield as latest addition to AM

Canada Makes is pleased to announce Whitfield Welding as the latest addition to its additive manufacturing network. Windsor, Ontario-based Whitfield Welding has provided customers with high quality, quick turnaround overlay welding service.

The Whitfield’s capabilities are (i) 0,000 lbs. Crane Capacity; (ii) Open 24 h a day, 5 days a week and half-day on Saturday; (iii) 2 4 kW Lasers; (iv) ID Head capable of cladding IDs as small as 3.25 inches; (v) Full 3D modeling and CAM control ensures repeatability and accuracy; (vi) Off-line simulation for quick and accurate development; and (vii) Over 20 different cladding materials on-site including many different grades of cobalt, nickel and carbide based alloys.

Advantages are (i) minimal dilution is achieved to keep the desired properties of the cladded material; (ii) low heat input, ideal for heat treated alloys; (iii) laser cladding drastically increases lifetime of critical parts; (iv) well suited for robot control which gives excellent process replication; and (v) higher deposition rate and larger work envelope than traditional laser additive machines.