Carbon announces tools to improve manufacturability

Carbon has recently announced two tools that will improve the manufacturability of parts using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ technology. The Advanced Auto Supports tool improves the manufacturability of parts and the ease of 3D Manufacturing. The Part Serialization tool helps with operational efficiency, which enables easy part-data tracking and potentially simpler data integration of 3D manufactured parts into industry standard supply-chain processes and ERP systems.

Customers have the ability to use the Advanced Auto Supports feature and manufacture DFM optimized parts on Carbon M Series printers with a click of a button. Typically, finite element analysis (FEA) simulations help to identify potential failure areas and stress areas. The FEA simulation is also the brains behind the recently launched Advanced Auto Supports feature.

In addition, Carbon also has introduced a new Part Serialization tool to improve the operational efficiency around part tracking. The new Part Serialization tool supports digitally adding a part-specific serial number. Customers can now digitally track the products from the creation stage on the printer platform through to the final usage using the new Part Serialization tool.