Carbon unveils CLIP-based M1 machine

Carbon (Carbon3D, Inc.) has recently unveiled the M1, its first commercial 3D printer. The M1 leverages Carbon’s breakthrough Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology and engineering-grade materials to deliver on the promise of 3D printing. While traditional approaches to additive manufacturing make trade-offs between surface finish and mechanical properties, the M1 produces high-resolution parts with engineering-grade mechanical properties and surface finish. Carbon’s product solution and subscription pricing model represent an important step on the company’s journey to accelerate the future of manufacturing.

The M1 delivers a comprehensive solution for the next era of design and manufacturing. Internet-connected and data-rich, the M1 collects over one million process control data points per day. This makes it possible for Carbon to provide precise remote diagnostics, assist with print optimization, and improve print quality over time. As part of the M1 product unveil, Carbon has also introduced seven proprietary resins, enabling the use of complex chemistries to create parts with a range of mechanical properties. Parts produced using Carbon’s breakthrough materials perform similarly to injection-molded alternatives, and are suitable for a range of applications. The new resins include: RPU: Rigid Polyurethanes, FPU: Flexible Polyurethane, EPU: Elastomeric Polyurethane, CE: Cyanate Ester-based resin and PR: Prototyping Resin.