Carima to bundle Materialise Magics Print

Master EV Machine from Carima. Image: Carima website

Materialise NV has recently declared  that the Korean 3D printer manufacturer Carima will bundle the recently launched Materialise Magics Print software to their line of Digital Light Processing printers. Materialise Magics Print is a flexible new product that allows 3D printer manufacturers to offer data preparation solutions to their customers, making it possible to repair files and prepare them for printing in a much more simple and efficient way.

Test results from Materialise’s DLP Technology Centre of Excellence in Malaysia indicated that users of Materialise Magics Print will be able to prepare their models on average twice as fast and the usage of the patented auto-scaffold support structures will reduce the support removal time by up to 82% compared to conventional support generation software. As of January, Carima will make Materialise Magics Print available to all users of their Master EV machine, as well as the next generation of these machines: DM200 and DM250.

“We are happy to actively work with machine manufacturers like Carima to enable the user of their machines to get the most out of 3D printing technology. By bundling part of our open and neutral software backbone with their machines, we combine each other’s strength and expertise,” explains Stefaan Motte, Vice President of Software at Materialise.