CECIMO creates a new Additive Manufacturing Committee

CECIMO has created a new Additive Manufacturing (AM) committee. The new committee will be the preeminent platform to discuss EU policy challenges and opportunities in the field of AM.

With this action, CECIMO’s General Assembly has formalised the association’s position as the European Association for the whole value chain of the AM Industry in Europe. The committee will act as an umbrella for all of CECIMO’s current activities – technical, statistical, economic, business and communication – as the voice of additive manufacturing technologies at European level.

The committee will rely on more than 350 AM organisations with leading expertise that span across 15 national associations represented by CECIMO at European level.

The new AM Committee will focus on broad subjects vital for the industrialisation of AM in Europe, such as the right EU regulatory framework, workforce development, trade and AM-related statistics. It will also build upon the work of the existing AM Working Group, where CECIMO members single out specific policy and business subjects to exchange views on and suggest common steps.