CECIMO endorses EU’S focus on AM in EU-US trade deal

Image: www.cecimo.eu

CECIMO, the European Association for the additive manufacturing sector, endorses the EU’s commitment to keep additive manufacturing (AM) as one of the priorities areas in EU-US talks for a trade deal on industrial goods. Forging EU-US cooperation on regulations and standards has significant potential in facilitating the growth of AM technology on both sides – especially considering their position as leading actors in the AM sector.

At present, there are non-tariff barriers in the EU-US trade of AM solutions that generate financial and administrative burdens for exporters. Tackling them in the context of this trade deal will further expand transatlantic AM trade opportunities. Similarly, an agreement that achieves the alignment of technical requirements between US and European standards and regulations in conformity assessment procedures will entail cost savings and a greater level of clarity for trade requirements, all whilst maintaining an equivalent level of protection to what is in place currently.