CEL Robox enhances 3D print offering at Midwich

Midwich, trade-only distributor, has recently declared that the award-winning CEL Robox will be enhancing their already impressive range of 3D printing technology. Robox is literally a robot in a portable box, and will provide customers with a more cost-effective, straightforward option when it comes to 3D print and open up a brand new world of possibilities in the classroom.

Robox has the ability to bridge the gap between a child’s vivid imagination and the reality of what they are actually able to create, transforming static lessons into multi-dimensional learning experiences.

Robox is one of the most economical and cost-effective on the market, both as an initial investment and also measured over its lifetime due to the very low cost of consumables such as filament, heads and extruders. It supports the widest range of materials of any desktop 3D printer on the market, and there are also free online tools to help, which enable students to simply “click and drag” to build designs.

Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL and creator of the Robox 3D printer comments: 3D printing helps to drive creativity, stimulate thinking and engage students in practical work. Accessibility and safety are of great importance to schools, and we’re already seeing great take-up of the Robox printer in classrooms as students prepare for a new era of product design, development and manufacturing. We’re excited to have partnered with Midwich as we look to take the Robox printer into even more schools and organisations around the country”.