CELLINK signs a collaboration agreement with MIT

CELLINK enters a collaborative research agreement with Professor Robert S. Langer’s lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is initially a one-year collaboration involving several different research projects.

The first project is aiming to create a 3D-Bioprinted biomimetic heart valve with correct mechanical properties. The goal is to combine CELLINKS technology platform and the Langer lab’s researchers to produce a prototype that in the future could be tested in an in-vivo sheep model. This project could provide a novel solution where CELLINKs technology would be a critical element for the success of future heart valve replacements.

Another project is addressing the growing issue of diabetes. One strategy to help this patient base is to replace their pancreas with modified autologous or allogeneic insulin producing cells which would eliminate the need for frequent insulin injections.

In both these projects, CELLINK will be the technology provider as well as provider of expertise within Bioprinting technology, the research collaboration will hopefully lead to verified technology and advances in the respective research-fields.