CERADROP operates in MultiFab for 3D AM

The CERADROP instrument is operating in the new MultiFab platform for the additive manufacturing of three-dimensional, high-resolution objects suitable for rapid prototyping, whose areas cover the, aerospace industries, aeronautics, electronics, optics or biomedical sectors. The objective of this platform is to set up a 3D printing additive manufacturing platform covering scales ranging from micrometer to macroscopic and in which multi-material can be implemented. This platform will be in very strong interaction with not only academic research, but also with the industrial sector; MultiFab is lean back to LAAS’s large micro and nanotechnologies platform, a member of Renatech network.

The equipment therefore gives the possibility of depositing various materials ranging from inks filled with nanoparticles to polymers or biological molecules. In addition, the inkjet experience allowed to say that the different software developed by CERADROP are the most advanced ones.