Christians Guss AG’s vision of “Casting 4.0″

Industry 4.0, Foundry 4.0, Guss 4.0 – nowadays developments are occurring so fast that instead of new concepts, only version designations are being assigned. With its vision of Guss 4.0, Christians Guss AG of Bergdietikon in Switzerland is currently blazing the trail into a digital future.

Industry 4.0 – the fusion of modern information and communications technology with production – has become an essential development and is currently a much discussed topic. The constant pursuit of modernization and optimization mean that Christenguss AG is already presenting itself as a top modern foundry that manufactures complex sand casting molds in a 3D printing process. It is in this way that the Bavarian company ExOne from Gersthofen near Augsburg provides a valuable service with an S-Max production printer. This allows the foundry the production of sand molds of the highest quality and great individuality, from batch sizes upwards.

These points also convince Florian Christen, CEO of the traditional family business in its fourth generation and a man with a strong drive for innovation. He sees his company as an innovation and technology leader in the field and would like to make it the most advanced in the industry. His vision is called Guss 4.0 (Guss is a play on words in German, meaning “cast” or “casting”). If in the future things go according to his wishes the production of each individual casting will be able to be automatically controlled and regulated.