Coherent exhibits laser-based solutions at Compamed’19

Coherent CREATOR™ 3D metal printer – ideal for the fabrication of customized dentures and implants

At Compamed 2019 (November 18‑21) in Düsseldorf (Germany), Coherent will exhibit a broad range of laser-based solutions for diverse medical device fabrication tasks, including cutting, welding, marking, and 3D printing. Coherent CREATOR™ is a 3D metal printer that is ideal for the production of individualized dentures and implants using supplier-independent materials, with low overall cost. This additive manufacturing system is particularly well suited for this application as it accepts input from virtually any CAD program. With its customer-friendly Dental Cockpit software, all aspects of the process are simplified and automated, eliminating hours of cost-intensive technician labor. The CREATOR is self-contained and has no special installation requirements, making it easily deployable in virtually any environment.

Additional applications featured on the Coherent booth: (1) Black marking for UDI on stainless steel reusables. (2) Permanent marking of transparent and colored polymers. (3) Cutting, welding, and drilling. (4) Manual welding of metals.

Coherent’s products bring advanced manufacturing capabilities to the medical device industry as it strives to meet the challenges of fabricating complex and highly regulated devices.