Concept Laser & Frank Herzog win multiple awards

Concept Laser, the developer of the LaserCUSING® process, also referred to as 3D metal printing, is also again reflected in the prizes and awards won in recent months. As well as winning the “International Additive Manufacturing Award 2016” in March 2016, Concept Laser and Frank Herzog, founder and President & CEO were delighted to receive five further awards. In October, Frank Herzog was honored by the European Business magazine (UK) as the “Best Pioneer in the Manufacturing and 3D Printing Industry 2016.” The readers of the magazine voted by a large majority for the pioneer of the LaserCUSING process.

In addition, in December, for the second time in a row, Frank Herzog was also delighted to receive the award as “Best CEO in the Additive Manufacturing Industry.” This award has been presented for more than eight years in different categories by the “European CEO” magazine in London.

Concept Laser’s successes as a business are also reflected directly in the company’s growth in sales. For the second year in a row, Germany’s Focus magazine voted the developer and machine manufacturer from the German town of Lichtenfels as one of the Focus “Growth Champions” with its outstanding sales growth.

Concept Laser won the coveted award with its “QM Meltpool 3D” quality assurance module and with the application motto “X-raying without X-rays.” Concept Laser won out against around 190 applications. The jury praised the benefits of QM Meltpool 3D.