Concept & Lauak sign an LOI for AM collaboration

Concept Laser (a GE Additive company) and LAUAK (a French aeronautical company) have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to launch an alliance between the two entities. Lauak will invest in Concept Laser’s additive machines to be a reference customer for Concept Laser technology and Concept Laser will work closely with Lauak to implement additive processes and design new products.

Concept Laser will support Lauak during the implementation phase of the equipment into their manufacturing process. Lauak will also present the Concept Laser machine to reference customers in their showroom, including the presentation of test objects for demonstration purposes. Concept Laser and Lauak will collaborate to redesign components from the Lauak portfolio.

Additive manufacturing involves taking digital designs from computer aided design (CAD) software, and building them on an additive machine. Additive components are typically lighter, more durable and more efficient than traditional casting and forged parts. Freed of traditional manufacturing restrictions, additive manufacturing dramatically expands the design possibilities for engineers.