Creaform introduces Pipecheck 3.2

Creaform, one of the portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering service providers, introduces the Pipecheck 3.2, which brings together NDT and NDE system capabilities, such as 3D scan data and ultrasonic testing (UT) into its intuitive and powerful pipeline integrity assessment software platform.

Pipecheck is the only solution to enable the identification of any potential issues on both the inner and outer linings of pipes, whether it is corrosion, dents or gouges in the metal. Pipecheck introduces true wall thickness assessment analysis based on the combination of various integrity assessment technologies. It can edit a scan in real time, and improve workflow by saving time during data reconstruction for increased field efficiency. This tool can be used to easily clean artefacts that do not need to be analysed, such as a flanges, welds, valves, etc.

Along with the combined benefits of Creaform’s metrology-grade 3D scanners, the software contributes to reducing potential human errors and providing reliability that is beyond current regulatory requirements. “Pipecheck is the safest and fastest solution for pipeline integrity assessment on the market,” says Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, Product Manager. “By opening Pipecheck to other assessment solutions, NDT service companies and pipeline engineers can get more secure and traceable analyses from which they can extract more data to ensure the safest assessment there is. It is the first step to a new generation of pipeline management solutions.”