CREAT3D showcases its 3D printers at TCT Show

TCT-Show-2015 dates LOGO 300pxCREAT3D is about to showcase its latest desktop 3D printer equipment at the TCT Show + Personalize taking place on 30th September and 1st October 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham.

CREAT3D will exhibit a selection of hand-picked products offering different tools to suit different applications such as jigs and fixtures, electronic and engineering applications, through to product design & innovation.

Following are some of the products at the display:

Xeed by Leapfrog: It has dual-head and can queue print jobs using a range of materials, hence well suited for the business environment.

MakerBot Replicator Z18: Its large build size and good surface finish and features such as networking capability and automatic filament detection make the Z18 a very versatile 3D printer for prototyping and design applications.

UP Box: This is an ABS specialist newly released desktop 3D printer for engineering and electronic applications that need more detailed parts and a higher-post processing temperature for form, fit and function testing.

Mark One Composite 3D Printer: This is a latest development in desktop 3D printing that produces Nylon based parts that can be reinforced with carbon fibre, fibreglass or Kevlar, presenting very high strength, functional 3D printed parts, for working prototypes or jig and fixtures production. The printer can also embed other components such as sensors and electronics while printing.

The company invites visitors to bring parts that they may wish to 3D print and ready to offer free consultations to discuss the feasibility of incorporating desktop 3D printing into existing processes.