Create it REAL partners with Weistek for desktop 3D printers

The IdeaWerk Speed 3D printer

Create it REAL, a Danish 3D printing technology provider, partners up with Weistek, a Chinese 3D Printer manufacturer, to develop a super-fast desktop 3D Printer.

The first project of this strategic partnership will provide ‘IdeaWerk Speed’, the first consumer oriented 3D printer boosted by the Create it REAL platform, that is designed to be three to ten times faster than current printers in this segment.

The common vision behind the project is to give everybody access to 3D printing and enable creativity.

“We were looking for a consumer brand that could offer a reliable 3D printer, easy to setup, safe and capable of handling the high speed and high accelerations generated by our technology,” says Jeremie Pierre Gay, CEO of Create it REAL.

“Weistek is a strong brand in China and has received very good feedback on IdeaWerk Plus in the USA and Europe so far. Our technology was targeting business customers at first, where speed and reliability is key, but we have found a way to offer it to consumers who will now be able to enjoy high performances, too.”

Says Vicky Chen, CEO of Weistek comments as follows: “Our engineers were impressed by Create it REAL technology: the flexibility, the reliability and of course, the performances made it obvious for us to work together.”