Create it REAL platform secures 3D printing market

Create it REAL, the Danish R&D center specialised in 3D printing technologies, has developed a solution that will allow the designers to create their new business models.

The team has developed several prototypes and is now looking for large scale pilot programs with professional end-users all over the world before releasing the solution by the end of the year. 3D printer manufacturers are also welcome to try the platform and should contact the team for more information.

Create it REAL platform features (1) up to 5 times faster print speed than standard FDM printers; (2) compatible with FDM and SLA 3D printers; (3) end-to end encryption support to secure designer’s intellectual property; (4) augmented reality feature to preview real size projects; (5) REALvision slicer supports STL and G-code files; and (6) developed and produced in Denmark.