CRP Technology launches the Windform® P-LINE

Italian-based CRP Technology, a market leader in AM technology, launches a new range of materials for professional 3D printing: the Windform® P-LINE.

Windform® P1 is a PA material with superior mechanical properties, isotropic; it has been engineered for faster production of small end-use parts in higher volumes at a lower cost, with detailed surface resolution. Furthermore, the quality and properties are similar to injection molding.

Windform® P1 is PA with superior mechanical properties: (i) Isotropic material (X, Y, Z axis); (ii) High flexibility; (iii) Insulation (CTI rating of 600); (iv) Full density; and (v) High recyclability.

Windform® P1 offers the potential for applications in the automotive, electrical, consumer and household goods industries.