CTC bags contract from Office of Naval Research

Image: www.ctc.com

The Office of Naval Research, through its Quality Metal Additive Manufacturing (Quality MADE) program, has awarded Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) a USD 2.6 M two-year contract to supply technology solutions that will ensure the manufacturability of quality metallic parts from additive manufacturing (AM) machines. This could move the U.S. Navy closer to being able to build parts for critical Naval applications, further bolstering fleet readiness.

According to the U.S. Navy, AM, also known as 3D printing, is necessary to cut back on the time and costs associated with deploying qualified, certified AM metallic components for Naval air, sea, and ground platforms. AM is an emerging technology that allows engineers to make one or two parts instead of mass quantities in a cost-effective manner.

When the U.S. Navy’s Quality Made program was announced, 3D Printing.com reported that the Navy would like to build parts onboard ships at sea for aircraft to avoid the challenge of storing components and large parts on ships and aircraft. The Navy is interested in shortening the acquisition timeline, broadening the industrial supply base, and having the ability to produce parts on demand at Fleet Readiness Centers (FRCs).