CTC develops dot scan 3D operation system

Metal 3D printing is a technology with wide application prospects, especially suitable for production of key parts in the aviation field as well as the high-grade automobile and so on. Metal 3D printing equipment and materials are mostly controlled by overseas manufacturers, which pull higher cost of using metal 3D printer by domestic manufacturers. The metal 3D printer with independent operation system CTC promotes is the first time to break out of the encirclement of the domestic technology.

CTC devotes to provide total solution from photosensitive resin to metal, from FDM to SLM, from desktop to industrial for customers all over the world. Advantage of the product include: The SLM adopted , lasercusing process, metal-melting using fiber laser, the mainstream technology of metal 3D printing, SLA and SLM adopt almost the same software arithmetic in order to achieve fast R&D, SLM Metal 3D printer adopts IR fiber laser, Adopt Scanlab high-precision scan galvanometer which makes printing process very smooth and steady, shaping size, mechanics performance, intensity performance are superior and the parameter platform open simultaneously makes Walnut to achieve printing by multiple metallic materials.