Cummins invests in 3D printing binder jet technologies

Cummins Inc is adding to its additive manufacturing capabilities by investing in a new, high-precision 3D metal printing technology called binder jet. This investment is just the next step in Cummins’ plan to revolutionize its manufacturing processes and accelerate the company’s trajectory toward scaled production in additive technologies.

Binder jetting is a technology where a print head moves across a bed of powder and selectively deposits a liquid binding agent in the shape of the section, bonding these areas together to form a solid part one layer at a time. Depending on the complexity of the part or component, the technology can print 60 to 100 times faster than laser-based printing processes.

Cummins’ additive manufacturing strategy is part of the company’s implementation of Industry 4.0, the trend of automation, cloud computing and data-driven technology that some call the “fourth industrial revolution.” The company is initially focusing on printing low-volume parts as it studies how best to use 3D technology in higher volume manufacturing.

Cummins’ binder jet machines are located at GE Additive’s lab in Cincinnati, Ohio. Teams from Cummins will be co-located at the lab to work on technology development.