Cyborg3D and 3 new products released

IntegrityWare, Inc. / nPower Software has recently declared the release of a new software platform (Cyborg3D), and three new products developed on that platform: SubD2CAD, CAD2Print and CAD2Poly.

Cyborg3D is an exciting new standalone 3D modelling software platform that uniquely combines organic surface modelling (subdivision surfaces) with precise, parametric CAD (NURBS solids & surfaces) modelling. The strength of Cyborg3D comes from its unique, patented technology for converting between organic geometry and precise NURBS geometry.

Cyborg3D SubD2CAD is a new product based on the popular, award winning Power Power Surfacing for SolidWorks, and Power SubD-NURBS plugins for 3ds Max / MODO. It will convert typical Subdivision surface (SubD) models from 3ds Max, MODO, SoftImage, ZBrush, etc.

Cyborg3D CAD2Print is a new product tailored for 3D printing of CAD models. It can import models using standard CAD formats (IGES, STEP, SAT) and format them for 3D printing. If you want to produce good 3D prints, you need to produce high quality STL meshes.

Cyborg3D CAD2Poly is a new product that tessellates NURBS (CAD) geometry into water tight, high quality polygonal models (including quad meshes) in STL or OBJ format. With flexible control of the resulting meshes, Cyborg3D CAD2Poly is an excellent tool for game engines, rendering, interference detection, 3D printing, etc.