Czech and Renishaw create the first 3D printed scooter

Engineers from the Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic and Renishaw, a UK based 3D printer manufacturer, have collaborated to create the first 3D printed scooter with a stainless steel bionic frame. The partners created this scooter, weighing an estimated 3.5 lbs, with a hollow frame consisting of four parts. The frame was 3D printed on a Renishaw AM400 3D printer while the plastic platform was produced on an EOS P 396 3D printer.

The 3D printed scooter frame was made from 316L-0407 stainless steel powder. This material exhibits high hardness and toughness, and high corrosion resistance.

The 3D printed scooter is the first prototype from the team using additive manufacturing. At present, the VŠB-TUO team is developing a second-generation scooter in which a 3D printed frame can be produced in one piece. This will reduce welding costs as well as production time.

This improved model is set to be unveiled at the International Engineering Fair in Brno this October.