Daimler chooses Ricoh AM S5500P

High-end Additive Manufacturing technology: The RICOH AM S5500P

Daimler has adopted Ricoh’s first branded Additive Manufacturing (AM) printer – RICOH AM S5500P. This polymer sintering production machine will help advance its rapid prototyping by using innovative advanced materials.

The Ricoh machine offers unique flexibility through a range of SLS® materials, including high quality polypropylene (PP) and PA6GB. These materials are of strategic importance to manufacturers, especially those in the automotive industry. 3D printing PP and PA6GB will enable Daimler to produce prototype parts on demand while supporting its ability to develop new applications. In addition to installing the machine, Ricoh will provide training and work closely together with Daimler engineers to support their continued innovation.

The RICOH AM S5500P features a substantial build size of 550 x 550 x 500mm, advanced thermal control, eight infrared lamps plus heating of the build chamber from all six sides, and dual powder distribution.