Dave Farnham to exhibit 3D printed human heart

Dave Farnham, artist, will be exhibiting a new piece of work that combines medical imaging data with the latest 3D printing techniques. The work will be on display in the River Rooms Gallery, Somerset House, 27-29 January 2017.
The work consists of a scale model of a human heart and lungs that was produced using data from CT and MRi scans of a patient with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The concept for the piece came about when Dave learnt of his friend Caroline’s diagnosis. Dave sat and talked with Caroline while she received her regular course of chemotherapy and, after hearing of his interest in representing the human body using 3D printing techniques, Caroline volunteered Dave access to her medical records, including her computed tomography (CT) and MRi scans.
The 2D data contained in Caroline’s scans were converted into 3D renders by the artist, who was then able to export them to a printable format. The 3D print is made from white SLS nylon and measures 14 x 13.5 x 9.5 cm. The lungs and ribcage are viewed from the back with the bones of the spine (vertebrae) visible in the centre. The human spine typically has between 24 and 33 vertebrae, with the ribs attaching to 12 of these in the upper back. The lungs and ribcage belong to Caroline, who was diagnosed with a cancer of the lymphatic system known as Hodgkin lymphoma. Following treatment at King’s College Hospital, Caroline is now clear of cancer.