DCU welcomes a new metal additive manufacturing lab

DCU President Brian MacCraith opened the new Metal Additive Manufacturing Lab at Dublin City University. The new Aconity MINI 3D forms part of the SFI I-Form, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

This research centre is focused on the development and implementation of Advanced Manufacturing technologies with a specific focus on Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing.

The Aconity MINI metal additive manufacturing machine allows for the production of high quality metal parts from a metal powder feedstock. A focus of the research with this equipment will be developing process parameters for specific collaborating company material and part design requirements. Fundamental research work will include the investigation of new materials, sensors and process control methods. The ability to monitor the metal layer during processing is of significant benefit both for basic research and final part quality control.

The Aconity MINI includes a process scanning unit with 2 pyrometers which can operate in 2D and 3D. This can prevent overheating in small or thin areas of a part due to the laser power being too high and allows for real time correction of process parameters to ensure high quality parts.