DeeGreen goes global

be3D, a Y Soft company, declares new functionality of DeeGreen, an affordable, tabletop 3D printer for rapid prototyping. They are now certified for worldwide operation, with its European craftsmanship, high quality and ease-of-use, and is ideally suited for designers, hobbyists and educational institutions.3D print object integrity and ease of operation was vital in the design of DeeGreen. With magnetic panel and door closures, auto stop features, auto-bed calibration and a two click-to-print interface, DeeGreen puts the main focus on 3D object creation.

DeeControl software is be3D’s proprietary control software which adds layering and other information to a 3D model file developed from any of the popular modelling software programs. With this new software file and a direct connection from a computer to DeeGreen or by SD card, the 3D print is ready to begin. With its PLA (Polylactic acid) filament and easy to use filament loader, students, hobbyists and designers are able to go from concept to creation quickly by using DeeGreen.

DeeGreen has undergone vigorous electronic and environmental testing to ensure safe operation and has received CE, FCC and EAC certifications among others. The MSRP of DeeGreen is USD 1, 890.00 and includes a 1yr warranty, the DeeControl software, power and USB cables, filament holder, a memory card, and cleaning tools. DeeGreen is available through a network of global distributors and resellers.