Delcam and Central Scanning at Develop3D Live

At Develop3D Live 2016, special discounted prices will be offered on a combination of Delcam’s PowerSHAPE Pro reverse engineering software and Artec scanners from Central Scanning. The system to be demonstrated at Develop3D Live will include the new Artec Space Spider 3D scanner, which has been created specifically for those who require higher precision scans to show intricate details on complex shapes and textures. The Spider was developed to have the speed of data collection and ease of use found in the Artec EVA scanner but with higher accuracy and resolution, giving the ability to digitise the most complex industrial parts.

The latest developments in PowerSHAPE Pro allow data to be streamed directly into the software from all Artec scanners, including the capture of colour and texture. The combination of software and scanner makes it easy to digitise complex objects in minutes, while the real-time display of the results helps to ensure that all the data required is captured successfully.

Automated tools within PowerSHAPE Pro provide quick and easy methods for segmenting a mesh of scanned data into primitive regions, such as planes, spheres, cones, cylinders and tori, as well as into revolved or extruded surfaces. Primitive surfaces or solids are then fitted automatically to those regions.