Diehl delivers a 3D-printed part for passenger aircraft

The cabin and avionics specialist Diehl Aviation delivers the largest, fully 3D-printed part for passenger aircraft currently which is installed on an A350 XWB. The module, made using the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) procedure, is a Curtain Comfort Header – a complex enclosure for the curtain rail. The curtains separate the classes from one another within the cabin. Qatar Airways will be the first airline to use the 3D-printed Curtain Comfort Header on board its aircraft. In a joint project, Diehl Aviation and Airbus developed the curtain header in close co-operation.

This new production method solves several problems for Diehl Aviation: Until now, these modules were formed from numerous layers of laminated fiberglass.

Diehl Aviation is currently only producing Curtain Comfort Headers for the A350 XWB with the 3D printing method. Furthermore, the parts themselves require less reworks and can easily be removed for repairs or replacement, contributing to even shorter waiting times during repair works. Also, the modules can easily be customized for retrofit solutions.