Digital Dot becomes Massivit 3D’s sales distributor

Digital Dot will drive sales of the Massivit 3D’s solutions within Benelux

Digital Dot, an established supplier of technical support, consumables, software and super-wide format printers within Benelux, has announced that is has signed an agreement with Massivit 3D, the leading provider of large format 3D printing solutions for visual communication applications, to become the company’s distributor within the region.

The agreement sees Digital Dot assume responsibility for sales, installation, technical support and maintenance of Massivit 3D’s portfolio, which comprises the new Massivit 1500 Exploration 3D Printer and the super-sized flagship Massivit 1800 3D Printer. Digital Dot will also supply Massivit 3D’s patented Dimengel material.

With the first Massivit 1800 in the region, the company can not only provide customers with a full on-site workflow demonstration but can also help them access the technology and discover the multitude of larger-than-life visual communication applications achievable.

Digital Dot is in this way, collating a customer database which it intends to provide to the first customers in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands that purchase a Massivit 3D solution. This catalogue of end customers will allow the company to redirect jobs currently undertaken through its service bureau to its clients.