Digital Metal develops binder jetting 3D metal printer

Digital Metal®, a Höganäs Group company, the world’s leading producer of metal powders, has announced that it has initiated commercial production of the industry’s first high precision binder jetting 3D metal printer that can produce smaller and more intricate components than any previous technology. The DM P2500 can be purchased or licensed from Digital Metal and is ideal for serial production and customised parts.

Digital Metal has produced both bespoke tiny objects and high precision small components at scale using its proprietary binder jetting technology. The company will continue to offer this production service, while also expanding its business with the commercial sale and licensing of its revolutionary 3D metal printer.

The DM P2500 delivers a resolution of 35 µm and an average surface roughness of Ra 6 µm before additional finishing processes are applied.

Digital Metal is currently in discussions with various partners to help facilitate product distribution and support across the globe. The company plans to exhibit at TCT Show, 26‑28th September, Birmingham, UK, and Formnext, Frankfurt, Germany, 4‑17th November.