Digital Metal launches no-hand production model for 3D

Digital Metal® remains at the forefront of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, of metal components. This unique binder-jetting technology has already enabled production of more than 300,000 components. Several Digital Metal DM P2500 printers are already in serial production producing series of up to 40,000 components. Now, Digital Metal takes yet another step towards the future by launching a fully automated no-hand production concept.

The majority of the process steps will be handled by a robot, which will eliminate practically all manual work thus further increasing productivity. The robot will feed the printer with build boxes and then move the boxes for post-treatment in a CNC-operated de-powdering machine combined with a pick-and-place robot. There, the remaining metal powder will be removed and recycled, and the parts placed on sintering plates. The main robot will then move the plates to the sintering furnace for combined debinding and sintering, either in batches or for continuous production.

Digital Metal introduces automation during the powder removal step as an initial step towards full no-hand production.