DP announces ESPRIT® Additive Suite at EMO

DP Technology has announced the world premiere of the ESPRIT® Additive Suite — a comprehensive 3D printing solution that delivers high levels of efficiency and accuracy, while simplifying the time-consuming additive manufacturing process into a few easy steps. The software will make its debut at EMO Hannover, September 18‑23, with general end-user availability expected in mid-2018.

The ESPRIT® Additive app offers integrated programming and simulation for multi-tasking, multi-function, multi-channel additive and subtractive machine tools, all integrated within the ESPRIT® CAM system.

Features of the ESPRIT® include (i) specialized trajectories for additive processes and full-spectrum toolpaths for subtractive processes; (ii) simulation and verification for both additive and subtractive processes; (iii) universal post processing for any CNC machine tool; and (iv) 3D powder bed fusion.

The ESPRIT® Additive app for 3D powder bed fusion systems is a versatile printer driver that supports the full process of additive manufacturing, from orienting the part and creating supports, to optimizing the build, slicing and nesting, to generating a job file.