DWF Germany address 3D printing and law

DWF Germany address 3D printing and law
DWF Germany address 3D printing and law

Ever since the very first edition of 3D fab+print magazine back in September 2015, law firm DWF Germany have been contributing articles about 3D printing and law.

After providing a ‘legal overview’ of the legal requirements for the use of 3D printing technology for the first issue of 3D fab+print magazine, the second article that Klaus M. Brisch, LL.M. and Marco Müller-ter Jung, LL.M. from DWF Germany provided addressed CAD files and the challenge these pose for intellectual property.

This article shows the legal context of computer-aided design data (CAD files). The authors essentially look at German law, however, the legal analysis can overall also be applied to other (European) legal systems. The article explains that the legal analysis of CAD files must be made from different perspectives. Questions such as which rights developers have when it comes to CAD files and how these rights can be exploited are addressed.

Did you know for example that “each act of saving the file counts as a reproduction. The principal himself must possess the required rights with regards to the CAD file for purposes of reproduction and further use”?

At another point in the article, Marco Müller-ter Jung states: “It requires thorough analysis (though) to discern whether digitalizing an object, as an act of reproduction, can already lead to an infringement of right, or rather creating the object by means of the CAD file created during the 3D scan.” To receive the full article, please get in contact with Jolanda Heunen.

In addition to writing about the legal implications of 3D printing, DWF Germany also yearly organise the expert forum on 3D printing and law in Cologne, Germany. Supported by the Chair of Manufacturing Technology of the University of Duisburg-Essen, the Deutsche Medienakademie GmbH, 3D fab+print, and the Initiative ‘Digital Cologne’, this year’s edition will take place on Tuesday, March 21st from 9AM to 5PM in IHK Köln (Cologne), Germany.

You can register online. Participation is free of charge, please note though the event will be in German. Further information can be attained via Marco Müller-ter Jung, Certified Attorney in Information Technology, Partner, DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH,  Tel. +49 221 534098-0.