DWF Germany organise forum on 3D printing and law

Marco Müller-ter Jung
Marco Müller-ter Jung

3D Printing creates specific legal issues that have to be taken into account and law firm DWF Germany is very active in educating on exactly this matter.

This year the firm will organise their third annual expert forum on 3D printing and law in Cologne, Germany. The firm herewith raises the awareness of legal requirements when using 3D printing technology, and in addition DWF write articles in which they address 3D printing and law.

For further information please get in contact with: Marco Müller-ter Jung, Certified Attorney in Information Technology, Partner, DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH,  Tel. +49 221 534098-0

In 2016 DWF addressed business models of innovative companies that are active in the field of 3D printing and the legal implications hereof. Taking into account all the complex legal issues from the very beginning is necessary to fully realise the commercial potential of 3D printing in its respective sectors. Therefor this year the forum on 3D printing and law will be about quality assurance and IT security in the field of additive manufacturing.

The programme is designed to provide ample time for discussion and networking. An overview of the discussions and presentations can be found in the online agenda.

You are invited to attend! Please note though the event will be in German.
Participation is free of charge and you can register online until 17 March 2017.