ECA Group delivers mapping tool to AIRBUS

A new mapping tool for Airbus

ECA Group airspace division has been working on a new mapping tool for Airbus A350 XWB program. This pylon production tool allows technicians to channel and curve fire detection cables or pressure leak detection cables without damaging any of them. The mapping tool finds itself in the LEAN process: It saves time and money lowering non conformity and eases the technicians’ work by its convenience.

ECA Group defined the mapping concepts, as well as the assembling method, and selected the most accurate material to reach a proper result. The different steps of the creation process have all been validated with prototypes, in close collaboration with Airbus teams.

ECA Group’s sister company Prodways specialized in ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing) processes produced 80% of the parts using 3D printing technologies. This tool is currently used for A350 XWB, A320neo and A380 and can be extended to any aircraft program.