ECCO uses Origin One’s P³ to cut production costs

Leading footwear manufacturer ECCO is using Origin One’s programmable photopolymerization process and Open Material Network to cut production costs and get to market faster.
Origin One’s technology is based on Programmable Photopolymerization (P³) and enables manufacturers to reduce production time and product development costs while delivering consistent, accurate parts with commercial-grade materials.

Origin One uses P³ to precisely control light, heat, and forces among other variables to produce parts with exceptional accuracy and consistency. The optimized build volume (192 × 108 × 350 mm), compact footprint, and fast post-processing enable manufacturers to maximize production capacity per sq ft.

Origin’s open additive platform attracted ECCO, and the two companies have launched a partnership to develop a new approach to manufacturing footwear. ECCO is using Origin’s printing platform with BASF’s materials at their R & D department at the company’s headquarters in Denmark.

ECCO’s experience highlights the benefit of Origin’s open material network. ECCO is using BASF’s materials, designed to print consistently at very high resolution. ECCO can trust the production and supply experience of BASF while also tapping into new classes of materials.