ECE ILLINOIS senior Trisha Gupta startup a Filify 3D facility

Filify 3D CEO and co-founder Trisha Gupta

ECE ILLINOIS senior Trisha Gupta was recently featured in an interview with The News-Gazette about her startup Filify 3D which recycles plastic waste from 3D printing into filament for printers.

Filify 3D aims to make innovation sustainable by transforming waste from printing facilities on campus to 3D printing filament that can be used by the same facilities. The startup collects failed 3D prints, remnants, and plastic waste from 3D printing from campus facilities and converts it into 3D-printer filament. Since most of the waste is unmarked, the plastic would otherwise end up in landfills.

One of the biggest challenges Filify 3D faces is standardizing and cleaning the collection of waste. Plastic containers are composed of many different types and grades of plastic, these types of plastics cannot be mixed to create good recycled filament.