Eindhoven gets the first 3D-concrete housing project

An artist impression of the five 3D-printed concrete houses that will be realized in Eindhoven. Picture: Houben/Van Mierlo architects.

In the city of Eindhoven the realization of the first of five planned 3D-printed concrete houses will start this year. The project, called Project Milestone, is a world’s first, as the houses will all be occupied.

The first house, which will be a single-floor house, is expected to be ready for occupation in the H1 2019. The other four houses will be multi-storey houses.

Vesteda is the prospective buyer and will let the houses to tenants. The concrete dwellings will be subjected to all the regular building regulations and will meet the demands of current-day occupants concerning comfort, layout, quality and pricing.

The design of the houses is based on erratic blocks in a green landscape. The design aims at a high level of quality and sustainability.

During the project, research on concrete printing will be done for new innovations. The five houses will be built consecutively, so every time these innovations and all lessons learnt can be applied in the next house. It is the intention to gradually shift the whole construction work to the construction site.