Eindhoven received MetalFAB1 order from Kaak group

Image: Additive Industries website - additiveindustries.com

Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Additive Industries has received a follow-on order from its customer Kaak Group. The order of a second MetalFAB1 system, this time a 5-module 4-laser production series system within 9 months after the installation of the first system, confirms the performance of the MetalFAB1 system. Kaak, the market leading manufacturer of industrial bakery systems will further increase its metal additive manufacturing capacity since demand for 3D printed components for internal use is substantial. This month their first MetalFAB1 system is upgraded to a 4-laser version to double the speed and increase the capacity but they expect this will not be sufficient to keep up with the growing number of parts for their bakery systems.

For Additive Industries, this first follow-on order is a clear signal to the market that the MetalFAB1 system has matured and the production series system, of which the first one was installed at BMW in December last year, gains traction.