EnvisionTEC releases new 3D materials

EnvisionTEC, a global manufacturer of professional grade 3D printers and materials, has recently declared their newest 3SP® material, PolyPro MAX 3SP®, a tough and flexible photopolymer representation of polypropylene.

We’re always thinking about the next best thing for the 3D print industry,” said John Hartner, Chief Operating Officer of EnvisionTEC. “The development of PolyPro MAX 3SP provides an exciting new solution that is well suited for a wide variety of engineering applications.”

PolyPro MAX 3SP 3D print material serves as an ideal solution to produce items such as snap-fit parts, automotive components, living hinges for many prototype and end-use model printing applications.

Our newest material offers sustainability and flexibility with 3D printed items requiring a high degree of resilience,” said Hartner. “Working together with our engineering and design team, we have seen highly successful results with PolyPro MAX 3SP.”