EOS & Additive Works partnership enhance AM process

Instrumented Stator Vane 3D printed on an EOS M 290 with EOS Titanium Ti64. (Source: EOS)

EOS, the world’s leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, and German start-up Additive Works are happy to announce their close collaboration to enhance the additive manufacturing (AM) process with metal materials. The company’s focus their cooperation on the simulation based pre-processing software Amphyon: A solution which simulates the AM building process before it actually takes place, highlighting and optimizing possible problematic areas of the part to be build.

Amphyon helps to predict possible build job challenges and automates the know-how based pre-processing steps. To enable an easy use, Amphyon orients all steps along the “ASAP” principle (Assessment –Simulation – Adaption – Process), a new workflow for Direct Metal Laser Sintering job preparation.

Amphyon has been developed by Additive Works. As part of the partnership with the company, EOS is offering the software solution to its customers. In addition both companies will develop further enhancements for Amphyon strengthening the EOS portfolio of material, process and system by the goal to integrate the Amphyon assessment, simulation and support modules into EOSPRINT 2, EOS’ job and process management software.