EOS announced a 3D printing training course

EOS, the global technology leader for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, has announced a 3D Printing training course, collaborating with two leading universities in the UK and Germany.

For ‘Additive Manufacturing Application Engineer’ program, EOS will work directly with the University of Wolverhampton, a long-standing partner of EOS with an existing high-level metal AM expertise especially in automotive, Formula 1 and aerospace and SRH Hochschule Berlin, one of the leading private universities in Germany, specializing in international business administration and management.

This program is designed to reduce the learning curve to six months, and lower the general threshold that companies are facing when implementing Additive Manufacturing technology. The program will also substantially reduce the investment risk for entering AM production.

In close cooperation with both universities, the course offers a mix of intense theoretical and practical learning blocks at the partner universities, at EOS and in-house with the customer. After a period of six months, participants receive their “AM Application Engineer” certification.