EOS releases EOSTATE Exposure OT

Live view of EOSTATE Exposure OT during the build process (Source: EOS)

EOS, the world’s leading technology provider for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, is expanding its EOSTATE monitoring suite to include an additional tool. EOSTATE Exposure OT, the first commercial system for optical tomography worldwide, now provides real-time, camera-based monitoring of the additive, metal-based build process, based on the EOS M 290 system. The solution fully maps each part throughout the build process, layer-by-layer, regardless of its geometry and size.

The solution was developed in close collaboration with EOS strategic partner MTU Aero Engines. At MTU Aero Engines, EOSTATE Exposure OT was primarily developed for series manufacturing purposes, where it has been in use for several months and meanwhile proven its efficiency.

EOSTATE Exposure OT is a self-learning system that becomes increasingly intelligent the more data it is fed. The ultimate aim is to recognize possible sources of defects during the building process and reject any defective parts