Evonik started its Tissue Engineering Project House

Evonik has started its Tissue Engineering Project House. Up to 20 scientists from various disciplines will work to make reliable solutions possible for tissue regeneration following accidents or disease. The aim is to develop materials for biological implants in medical applications. Located in Singapore, the Project House will work closely with Evonik experts in the US and Germany.

After having successfully concluded the Medical Devices Project House in Birmingham, Alabama (US), Evonik is now taking the next step in the direction of regenerative medicine. At the Medical Devices Project House, Evonik conducted research on polymer-based materials such as those used for resorbable implants.

Evonik has extensive experience with materials such as biodegradable polymers suitable for use as scaffold materials for tissue replacement.

Another focus is on optimizing the conditions under which tissue cells grow on the scaffold materials. Evonik has exceptional expertise in the field of biotechnology. The company also has the knowledge of the culture media needed and of its ingredients (amino acids, etc.).

Project houses offer the freedom to pursue strategic innovation.