Exergy Solutions joins Canada Makes

Canada Makes is pleased to welcome Calgary-based Exergy Solutions to its network of experts in 3D Printing. Exergy is a leader in 3D modelling, 3D printing, engineering and research to the energy, utilities and mining sectors.

Adoption of additive manufacturing to help increase productivity and capability is about to take off for the oil & gas sector. Exergy, partnering with the Canada Makes network of experts, will be ready for the upcoming opportunities.

Exergy has leveraged additive manufacturing to study revolutionary technology aimed at improving the competitiveness and environmental performance of the Oil Sands industry. Many of these technologies are game changers. Well positioned to drastically lower GHG emissions and eliminate tailing ponds. Canada Makes has already helped Exergy to instantly build a network of additive experts across Canada. This gives an opportunity to engage knowledge and experience coast to coast in improving an industry that is vital to the Canadian economy.