F1 car scanned for 3D printed scale model

Artec Eva 3D scanner was recently used for scaling down a full-size Formula 1 racecar, showing an example that 3D tech application is indeed limitless. This project was initiated by a Birmingham-based tool manufacturer that tasked Artec’s British Partners Central Scanning and leading supplier of CAD & CAM solutions Delcam with making a scale model of their F1 car so it can be 3D printed at a size of approximately 300 mm.

The car was 3D scanned by Central Scanning, and then the collected data was modelled in Delcam’s reverse engineering software package PowerSHAPE. The main body of the car was scanned using Steinbichler Comet L3D scanners, and then the rest of the parts were scanned with Artec Eva.

Most of the data was processed using standard settings and without texture during global registration to speed up the process. Artec and Steinbichler big data sets were then merged in PolyWorks. The completed 250Mb STL model, approximately 8.5 million triangles, was then fully reverse engineered at Delcam using PowerSHAPE Pro. The car was surfaced at full size. Once it was scaled down, some of the thinner areas, were thickened up in PowerSHAPE. The model was then 3D printed on Objet Eden 500V with a print layer of 0.016 mm.