FARO® announces Optor™ Series 3D for Digital Dentistry

FARO®, the world’s most trusted source for imaging for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for 3D Design, has announced the FARO Optor Series platform, specifically designed and developed for dentists, dental clinics and dental laboratories.

The Optor Series is a tightly integrated, one-stop solution that includes both structured light 3D scanner hardware with infrared technology and the most advanced and powerful 3D scanning software. The portfolio includes two unique digital dental scanners, Optor Lab and Optor Clinic. Each scanner includes its own software which ensures a seamless, optimized, workflow even as software or hardware gets updated over time.

Optor Lab is specifically geared to dental laboratories and dental technicians for use cases that include prosthesis, removable frameworks, impressions, and orthodontics.

Optor Clinic is specifically directed to dentists and dental clinics for use cases that include implantology, impressions, and prosthesis.

A potential future addition to the portfolio, Optor Body, is currently showcased in the FARO Early Adopter Program. It acquires the face and tracks the movements of the lower jaw under different conditions and is geared to dentists and dental clinics for smile design and ethical prosthesis applications.