FATHOM introduces 3D printed MTUC 2015 trophy

Trophy with Instructional GraphicsFATHOM has introduced the 2015 trophy for their inaugural Make the Unmakeable Challenge. FATHOM’s designers created this custom trophy using 3D printing at their headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

FATHOM’s team hosted two competitions, naming a winner for each challenge and the third and final challenge is yet to commence. After completing the final challenge, judges will review all the three winners to determine who has earned the title of Make the Unmakeable Champion. While the grand prize is a uPrint SE, each of the three winners will receive FATHOM’s personalized trophies.

Except a few stock components (the battery operated tealight), FATHOM made the whole trophy. In order to challenge themselves to think differently, FATHOM’s team imagined something extraordinary and combined advanced manufacturing with legacy methods.

The design integrates many technologies found in their factory of the future and serves as a functional planter. Most importantly, it recognizes the winners in the same spirit of the challenge. The assembly includes:

  • Multi-Material Nameplate 3D Printed in PolyJet (All in One Build Cycle)
  • Lightweight Intricate Structure Created Using 3-maticSTL Software
  • Intricate Top and Planter Cup Produced in Nylon Using SLS (Geometry is Impossible Using Traditional Methods)
  • Polished Base CNC Machined in Aluminum (Blending Legacy Technologies with Additive)

The PolyJet part fits into the CNC machined base, the SLS component aligns perfectly on top and the SLS cup fits inside the top. Each trophy comes with instructions and a succulent from FATHOM. In addition, an electric candle fits inside the metal base for a neat lighting effect.

As the challenge is focused on making the unmakeable, FATHOM created their trophies to match their talented winners and the imagination they put forward.

Trophy Assembly